Creating Minimalist House By Kidosaki Architects Studio

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Having minimalist house is interesting enough to be tried. However, minimalist house is great in the design. Just like in this minimalist house in the picture. However, this minimalist house is made by Japanese architect. This “different” design of a house is made by Kidosaki architects studio. In our imagination, Japan is always stated as a country with minimalist house. It is just the same as the picture of this Kidosaki architects. If you see it carefully, the design is made according to the surrounding of the house. The owner of the House in Asamayama spent quite a few years to find the site of the home.

Moreover, the designer concerns to link the beautiful vast sea of trees spread out to the mountain Asama (Asamayama in Japanese) with internal space. Then, you can enjoy a sea of trees from the approach deck to the entrance. Then, when you open the large door to the living room, you can see the mountain of Asama and the foot of it spread in picture window frame formed by the deep and low-height eaves. The design of this minimalist house is giving you a different sensation in having view to a mountain. Furthermore, the interior design is quite large too. Using glasses for some rooms, making the house is looking so minimalist.

Meanwhile, the main point to make this beautiful minimalist house relate beautiful scenery of Mount Asama with the house. In other word, it has desire to make it to be amazing house. Then, if you want to have it as your home design, you can apply it for other scenery of a mountain too. But the most important is, this house has different shape. Even may be you see it not as a house, but a studio. However, this is a great design to be your reference.

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