Interesting Unique Apartments

Guys, in making the unique apartments can be taken from some games. The games can be the inspiration for applying in actual life. One of those is making the apartments. Making the apartments can be adopted from the Tetris game.

Pictures of Unique Tetris Apartments Ideas by OFIS arhitekti

Actually, adopting of unique apartments from the Tetris game is the best idea. The one that you have to think before you are going to adopt, you have to think that the game that will be applied can be made as the solid building. Those are having the arranging of building which solid and arrange orderly. Therefore, the solid apartments become the best apartment which strength enough. the Tetris is the one idea which have the best arranging and also become the solid building if it is applied in the apartment building. Since, this has the best arranging of the shape.

Other Pictures of Unique Apartments

The Tetris is one the idea in making unique apartments. This has good shape from the sides of the building. The boxes shape which is arranged orderly having the uniquely shape. Therefore, this can be many rooms which having by the people who want to live there. So guys, it is the interesting idea that can be applied by the entire architect.


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