Monthly: June 2016

Prestigious curtain design for living room

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There are many decorative elements that can be applied in the living room such as chandelier, wall lamp, unique furniture, curtains, and so forth so the condition makes some people show up with a service which is to make curtain design for living room. The living room is often used as a place to receive guests,

Popular 2017 interior paint colors

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As already discussed in the previous article, every year has a trend color include the 2017 interior paint colors. This year the pastel colors will dominated the market for hits interior paint because somehow people would prefer the color with soft and smooth effect. Pastel colors are more easily combined with other colors and other

Terrific furniture interior design

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Innovation is needed for the advancement of furniture interior design. Furniture that is sold in the marketplace are usually numerous and eventually is makes the furniture as objects that are less attractive because it is owned by so many people. Each house will need the furniture designer so the presence is expected to help the development

Surprising interior paint colors for 2017

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The year has change and it also affects the color trends for home and interior, so due to the changing of the year it shows up the interior paint colors for 2017. The red colors appeared as a last year trend for kitchen with the bold and remarkable accents in addition it can be used for